Found: Man Eating Hodag, Rhinelander, WI

Found: Man Eating Hodag-Captured in the Northwoods by Herman the Printer, Minocqua circa 1980s.
The Hodag is part of Rhinelander, Wisconsin myth and now central to an annual country music festival.


  1. Art Elkon14:42

    There is some dispute as to whether the Hodag actually has a taste for human flesh. Some reports state that it prefers white bulldogs, while others claim it prefers turtles and water snakes... No one disputes the existence of the Hodag, but it has not been seen in many, many years... A specimen can be found in the Logging Museum in Rhinelander... I have seen it with my own eyes...

  2. Seeing is believing! Is this not a lovely Hodag portrait?

  3. Hey, Art, did you know that Hodag said backwards sounds just like gullible? Give it a few tries, slowly at first, and then speading up so you can really hear it. Gullible. Gullible. Yeah, I hear it.