Kwik Trip, Sheboygan, WI

Kwik Trip, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, October 11, 2010
Kwik Trip, Menasha Avenue, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, September 26, 2010
Found: "Adams DX Truck Stop and Restaurant", located on I-90 and U.S.  Highway 51, Madison, Wisconsin" copyright Dexter Press, circa 1960 (featured as a location in Werner Herzog's 1977 film "Stroszek")
The culture of eating, drinking, and refreshing in the age of the motor vehicles evolved from the full-service truck stop with restaurant (open 24 hours, seats 100, delicious food, mechanics on duty) such as the Adams DX, infamous for its appearance in Werner Herzog's Strozek. Now there's the Kwik Trip here in Wisconsin, established in 1965 and spreading into Iowa and Minnesota. It offers the 24/7 convenient consumption experience for motorists that the old truck stops once did. Besides gas, there's a range of food (from onions to Greek yogurt), a bakery, a dairy, hot coffee, lottery tickets, newspapers, and smokes. The Kwik Trip became the hub in the neighborhood near our studio by the mid-1990s. In the late 1980s, there were still a couple grocery stores within walking distance, a food co-op, news and video store, and there wasn't a lottery. All that's gone now and the Kwik Trip has filled the void, a lifestyle.

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