Tensegrity Wigwam with Builder, Whitelaw, WI

Tensegrity Wigwam with Builder near Whitelaw, Wisconsin, April 7, 2012
Ranchero with Wigwam near Whitelaw, Wisconsin, May 27, 2012
Found: "Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 1909. "This is the remains or frame work of a tent where an
Indian dance has been held. Doesn't it look odd? I have been to a feast dance which the Indians had in such a tent."
Found: "Indian Home in Northern Wisconsin", circa 1907 on Kodak Azo paper
Found: The New Horticultural Conservatory, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "Plants from all over the world are on exhibit" copyright by L.L. Cook Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin circa 1967
Using poplar trees found onsite at our farm while channeling ideas and visions set out by Wisconsin natives, Buckminster Fuller his ideas about tensegrity, and the beehive shaped Domes in Milwaukee, we've been making wigwams for our upcoming exhibitions.

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