Abandoned Sonic Drive-In, Darboy, WI

Abandoned Sonic, America's Drive-In, Darboy, Wisconsin, July 24, 2012
"A fun-retro future look" is how the Sonic® website describes the franchise's architecture to investors.  Our friend Amber commuted to the location to work as a manager and we'd see her occasionally as we commuted to our college professor gig. The day we made this photograph in July, the temps were hovering near 100 degrees. "The Ultimate Drink Stop®, SONIC's line-up of Fountain Favorites® drinks..." had ceased operations and hence no carhops to serve the thirsty in the parched parking lot near the Kohl's. By October, the carport had been removed and the building otherwise reconfigured painted. A sign posted at the edge of the parking lot announced that a Dunkin' Donuts® would open soon and it did.


  1. Anonymous23:04

    When my training team opened this location and others we were so busy it required the use of traffic control. I loved the concept--a full menu available all day long--burgers for breakfast and egg burritos for supper. In early summer 2009, after a 1 month training at the West Milwaukee location, I helped my franchise open Sonic locations in Oak Creek, Waukesha, Greenfield, Darboy, Appleton and finally Green Bay. We offered over 168 thousand drink combinations and I believed in the brand. Each drink we served with a mint on top of the lid. Why? Because our customers were worth a mint to us. Summer was buzzing for my franchise. I helped open several locations prior to my final destination at the Green Bay Sonic. Our franchise had been contracted to open 22 locations in Wisconsin. Winter 2010 took a hit on our business--nearly a 80% decrease in sales compared to the summer months. In April 2010, I left. This was after working 9 months straight at an average of 85 hours per week (on salary) and my commute added an additional 12 hours per week. On my way out, my district manager told me I would never amount to anything...well, I guess they didn't either. The franchise closed several locations shortly after I had left, and in late 2011, they sold the 5 remaining stores. Within the last few weeks, the new owner of the Green Bay location shut it's doors for good.

    1. Did they tear this Sonic down?

      If so what is there now

    2. As noted above, the building was re-purposed and is now a Dunkin' Donuts...