Found: Chief Silvertongue, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Found: Chief Silver Tongue real photo postcard on Azo paper.
Note handwritten on back in ballpoint pen reads:
"Our guide at the Wisconsin Dells, Kilbourne, Wis. 7/15/31".
Found: Chippewa Indian Chief photographed and published by
Annabelle Gallagher Post Cards & Pub, Duluth, MN, circa 1960s.
Found: Indian Chief and Tepee, photo and published by
G. R. Brown Co., Route 5, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, circa 1960s.
Found: Chief Blow Snake in full ceremonial dress. Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
Photo by Arthur Langford, Genuine Natural Color by Dexter Press circa 1950s.
Postmarked Merrill, Wis. June 30, 1955, 3 PM.
Found: Heap Big "Little Indian Chief".  Greetings from Lac du Flambeau, Wis.
Genuine Curteich Color postcard circa 1930s.
Postmarked Lac Du Flambeau, Jun 26, 1952 5 PM.
Found: Stand Rock. A trained dog leaps the chasm at Stand Rock.
Spectacular scenic formation at Wisconsn Dells.
He affords amateur photographers an unusual "shot" and is a thrill
to all visitors copyright H. H. Bennett Studio circa 1950s.
Found: Ink Stand. Lower Dells at the Wisconsin is like an old-style ink well.
The tall pine on top resembles a quill pen. Wisocnsin, Dells, Wisconsin.
Copyrighted by the H. H. Bennett Studio, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin,
"Plastichrome" by Colorpictures, Boston, circa 1950s.
Found: The Sunrise Call at the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., is sun in the Zuni language.
The play of light on the feather headdress of the singer resembles the rising of the sun. Suitable for framing.
Copyrighted by H.H. Bennet Studio, Wisconsin Dells, Wis Foilex printed in W. Germany circa 1960s.
In mid-century Wisconsin Dells and elsewhere in Wisconsin, any picture was a good picture if it included an "Indian Chief". In the Dells, it was a gig involving a great amount of theater. Among the most renowned was Chief Silver Tongue (1882-1964) (a/k/a Oscar Norton), a Hopi.  He was an attorney turned singer on the vaudeville circuit who later staged an "Indian Pagent" that ran for 30 years each summer on Stand Rock in the Dells.

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