Found: Beautiful Indian Maidens, Eau Claire, WI

Found: Two Beautiful Indian Maidens photographed and published by
G.R. Brown Co., Rt. 5, Eau Claire, Wis circa 1950s
Found: Greetings - Eau Claire, Wisc. Winnebago Indian Maiden photographed by Arthur Langford genuine
Natural Color Made by Dexter Press with "Pray for Peace" postmark dated June 30, 1958(?)
with Thomas Jefferson two cent stamp
Found: Beauty of the Dells: An Indian maiden wading in the Rocky Island Region of the Lower Dells 
of the Wisconsin River
Photograph by John A. Trumble. Published by Dells Photo Service,
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. circa 1960s
Now part of the American kitsch landscape, the "Beautiful Indian Maiden" won't go away. These mid-century postcards fetishize the fringed suede and beaded form fitting attire, feather head dress and braids. The maiden gazes ponderously at the landscape--there to be consumed by the postcard recipient. A simple alteration of the Land O Lakes Butter box (still available at your local grocery store) turns an Indian maiden's knees into knockers (albeit hidden behind a box of butter on a tray). Directions for the alteration appear online. Land O Lakes, Inc. corporate office, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, apparently evolved from a co-op named Minnesota Co-Operative Creameries Association with "new ideas about producing butter" in sticks (rather than tubs in the early 1920s). The LOL website offers no background on the adoption of a "beautiful Indian maiden" as part of its logo. Disney's Pochahontas 1995 film further perpetuates the Indian princess in popular American culture. "Indian Maiden" wigs and "very sexy-looking" Sacajawea costumes are abundantly available on the Interwebs and the fashion world continues to include such imagery only to be reprimanded.
Found: Land O Lakes Sweet Cream Butter Indian Maiden altered packaging


  1. Anonymous14:34

    The fashion industry seems to keep repeating this mistake, if this article is to be trusted:

    -Erik Rinard

  2. Incredible documentation of the fashion world's continued insensitivity. A must read! Thanks Erik.