Found: Indian Burial Grounds, Phillips, WI

Found: Squaw Island - Indian Burial Grounds, Phillips, Wisconsin. Here from this roadside park in the City of
Phillips, Wisconsin, one can see Squaw Island on Lake Duroy, which is of historical interest. For many years
before Phillips was settled, and for many years after, it was an Indian burial ground
published by G. R. Brown Post Card Co., Eau Claire, circa 1960s.
Found: Indian Mounds at Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The use of mounds was a method of burial of the Indian dead dating
back to pre-Columbian days. Rice Lake at it is known now, was a site of Indian villages attracted, no doubt, by the
wild rice which grew in abundance in he area. Photo and published by G. R. Brown, Eau Claire, Wisconsin circa 1960s.
Found; Indian Graveyard on Madeline Island, La Pointe, Wisconsin.
 One of many interesting landmarks on Meadeline Island,
is the old Indian graveyard, where the burial sites are covered and protected
by roofed shelters, and surrounded by tiny, weathered picket fences.
A bronze tablet marks the site of Treaty Hall, where the
peace pact between the Ojibways and the United States was finally signed
published by Curteich Color, 3-D Natural Color circa 1950s.

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