Found: State Office Building, Milwaukee, WI

ound: The new Wisconsin State Office Building at N. Sixth & W. Wells, Milwaukee, Wisconsin copyright the L. L. Cook Co. from an Ektachrome Transparency circa 1960
Found: Wisconsin State University, Classroom Building, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, photo and published by G. R. Brown, Co. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, circa 1965
Found: Vilas Communicaions Hall, University Avenue at Park Street, Madison, Wisconsin. Home of WHA-TV and WHA-Radio, University of Wisconsin Journalism and Communications, Theatre and related departments and facilities published by Wollin Studios, Madison, Wisconsin circa 1970

Was it because it's cold in Wisconsin that the state commissioned architecture of the mid-century is for the most part windowless, cinderblock inside and monolithic. While students at UW Madison, the word on the street was that buildings were designed to make sniper attacks on protesters easier or penetration into the building more difficult in case of insurrection.

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