Found: Along the Lake Shore, Milwaukee, WI

Found: Along the Lake Shore in Winter, Lake Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
by E.C. Kropp Co. Pub. Milwaukee No. 4693 postmarked West Allis, Wisconsin April 9, 1908

On January 1 in Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Jacksonport, and other locations along Lake Michigan, hundreds of people gather to indulge in or observe the Polar Bear Plunge climbing on icy shores much like these to get to the lake.


  1. In the early days of our courtship Waswoxwaswo jumped in the lake at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee. It was a cold New Years Day. I like to think he did it to impress me. He did, 23 years later I am still Impressed

  2. You have a lot of great photos posted but this one really caught my eye. Seeing that the rendering is over 104 years old...really amazing.