Found: Up North Tourists Enjoy View

Found: Vacation Paradise, Solon Springs, Wisconsin.
 Photographed and distributed © Gallagher's Studio, Duluth, Minnesota.
Written on back in ballpoint:
"We are enjoying the lake where my folks live - swimming, water skiing and drinking coffee...Pastor Swanson."
Postmarked Solon Springs, July 5, 1962. Circa 1960s.
Found: Luther Park Bible Camp, Chetek, Wisconsin.
A warm day at Luther Park leads campers to the waterfront. What will it be?
Water skiing, pontoon or canoe ride or a refreshing swim?
What ever it is will be great fun as young Christians find adventure in Christ.
Published by G. R. Brown Co., Rt. 5, Eau Claire, WI 54701.
Made by Dexter Press, New York. Circa 1970s.
Found: Ashland, Wisconsin. 
Pulpwood is rafted across Lake Superior from points in Minnesota and Canada to Ashland,
where it is reshipped by rail to mills. In the foreground is a relic of the early logging days.
Logs were pulled out of the forest by this method. Tourists enjoy view of the harbor from Ashland Park. 
 © Photo and Pub. by Gallagher's Studio of Photography, 920 E. 1st Street, Duluth, Minn. Circa 1960s.
Water and trees surround most places in Wisconsin. These resources have become increasingly mediated in the 21st century meaning more development along shores, signage indicating dangers or attractions, and the ever present Lyme Disease (from deer ticks) in the northwoods and West Nile Virus (from mosquitoes) everywhere else. Postcards from the 1960s depict the pleasures of looking in an "Up North" seemingly free of bugs and hazards while mists of DDT linger (invisibly) in the air.

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