Found: Historical Surgeons' Quarters, Portage, WI

Found: Historical Surgeons' Quarters, Portage, Wisconsin.
 Located just east of the city on Hwy. 33, this is the only remaining structure of FORT WINNEBAGO.
Built before 1828 as the home of a French Fur Trader, it was purchased by the army when the Fort was begun.
It was used to quarter Medical Officers at the Fort.
The quarters overlook both the Fox River and the WAUNONA TRAIL,
made famous by Father Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673.
Photo & Pub. G. R Brown Co., Rt. 5 Eau Claire, Wis. 54701. Circa 1970s.
These buildings seem to be the residue of the complex history of the white man settling in Wisconsin and negotiating with the Ho Chunk people. All that remains of Fort Winnebago in Portage on the Fox River are these log houses filled with 19the century artifacts operated by the Daughters of the American Revolution.  The Portage web post about the site boasts of featuring a period operating table as part of the displayed artifacts.

Found: Old Indian Agency House, Portage, Wisconsin. 
Built in 1832 by the U.S. Government for John Kinzie, the Indian Agent to the Winnebago.
Furnishings no later than that date. Restored in 1932 by WISCONSIN SOCIETY OF COLONIAL DAMES.
Photography by P. Richard Eelis.

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