Found: Beaver Dam Iron Works, Beaver Dam, WI

Found: Beaver Dam Malleable Iron Works. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Published by Ino T. Faber, Milwaukee. Wis.
Made in Germany. Postmarked June 16, 1909 10 AM Beaver Dam.
The company had a long and heroic history of making Monarch ranges, convection ovens, refrigerators, furnaces, and even war time supplies like artillery shells, truck bodies, and gas cans. It held many patents operating from 1896 until 1985. Actor Fred MacMurray is said to have worked there for a time.  By the 1980s the company filed bankruptcy and the property was given to Dodge County because of back taxes owed. Chemical contamination at the site, arson, and vandalism plagued the property. The buildings were razed in 1990. Clean up of the site began with funds from the EPA and various government agencies. The total cost: $2.6 million. In 1996 a grocery store was built on the site.

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