Found: Rib Mountain State Park, Wausau, WI

Found: Near Summit of Rib Mountain State Park, Wausau, Wis. Highest Point in Wisconsin, Elevation 1940 feet.
"The summit of Rib Mountain is 1940 feet above sea level, about 700 feet higher than the city of Wausau.
The original park land consisted of 40 acres donated by Jacob Gensman Estate April 17, 1932.
February 19, 1923, the Kiwanis Club donated an additional 120 acres and
early in 1933 the State "purchased" another 120 acres, thus forming a State Park comprising 280 acres."
Natural Color Post Card Made in U.S.A. by E. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Circa 1949.
The text of this card attracted us initially with the sign directing visitors to "keep to the left" on their way to the "highest point" in Wisconsin. Rib Mountain is not the highest point in Wisconsin though it is the highest mountain or hill at 1942 feet (not 1940 as this text claims). NOTE: Timms Hill (near Tomahawk, WI) is in fact the highest natural point at 1951.5 feet. The park claims to be one of the first ski resorts in the US having opened in 1937 and still operates as Granite Peak resort with 75 runs. Local legend claims that besides Paul Bunyan forming the Grand Canyon and the Mississippi River, that his burial alongside Babe the Blue Ox formed Rib Mountain. But this is a claim that can't be disproven through accurate measuring.

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