Found: Little White School House, Ripon, WI

Found: The Famous Little White School House, at Ripon, Wisconsin.
Birth place of the Republican Party in 1854.
Color photo by Fagan. Genuine Natural Color Fagan Publishing Co., Madison, Wis. Circa 1955.
Postmarked Ripon, Wisconsin, June 26, 1959.
We once showed our One Million Years is Three Seconds project about four older Wisconsin men who'd lived through the technological changes of the 20th century at Ripon College. Bob Watt, who was one of the four men, got madder than a hoot owl that we'd show our work, especially photographs of him, in Ripon...the "Birthplace of the Republican Party" in the Little White School House...Though some believe that the party was merely "conceived" in Ripon, among the uniting issues was a commitment to abolish slavery.

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