Found:Greetings from Minocqua, WI

Found: Plenty of  Young "Deers" Here, Greetings from Minocqua, Wis.
Made by E.C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis. circa 1930s.
Handwritten text on backside:
Dear Aunt Mary, We have lots of swimming and fishing here, also hiking and golfing,
but we don't do the golfing. There is a baby deer here of seven weeks old.
Love Gertrude" postmarked July 29, 1937
Minocqua's website boasts of November being the opening of deer hunting season, which is "practically an official holiday and an important part of our Northwoods heritage." Ike Eisenhower was a "regular Minocqua visitor" due to its wilderness beauty and the town is the birthplace of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile clubs. This postcard of young "Deers" grazing shows the creatures inhabiting a landscape of birch and cedar where they became a spectacle for the Minocqua tourist of yore.

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