Found: St. Mary's Springs Sanitarium, Fond du Lac, WI

Found: St. Mary's Springs Sanitarium, Near Fond du Lac, Wis.
Written in fountain pen on back:  
"Dear Sis. Will answer your kind and welcome postal. 
Well why don't you and George write me a letter. I have been waiting patiently. 
Well good bye from your loving Sis."
Not stamped or post marked. Circa 1901.
Built in 1901 and run as a sanitarium until 1909, St. Mary's Springs was operated as a rest resort with hot springs according to the Wisconsin Historical Society. The Sisters of Saint Agnes turned it first into a Catholic girls college prep school and later a Catholic co-ed K-12 school. The building on the right, Boyle Hall, was torn down in September 2005 after years of benign neglect. The building on the left does not appear in recent photographs.  Ghost stories about a stillborn baby and the suicide with crucifix of the nun who delivered it in a Boyle Hall elevator were dispelled by ghost hunter Chad Lewis.

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