Kmart Store 7656, Medford, WI

Kmart Store 7656, 190 Medford  Plaza, Medford, Wisconsin (7.10.2013)
© J. Shimon & J. Lindeman
 The faltering discount chain, Kmart, still has a store in a small Wisconsin town known as the birthplace of the Tombstone Pizza. We stopped there for underwear on a road trip in the Rambler en route to Phillips, Wisconsin believing it was our only option given the rural-ness of our route. They mostly had Hanes granny panties, a 6-pack for $9.99 and seemed to be a hub of commerce in the community.


  1. This is no longer a KMART..KMART closed and now it is a grocery store.
    It is now called Gordy's County Market.

  2. A google search indicates that Gordy's Country Market is in Chippewa Falls and other Wisconsin locations and that the Medford K-Mart still stands!!!