Hi-Way 8 Motel, Ladysmith, WI

Hi-Way 8 Motel, Ladysmith, Wisconsin rephotographed (7.11.2013)
© J. Shimon & J. Lindeman 
Found: Hi-Way 8 Motel, Ladysmith, Wisconsin, circa 1950s
Sometimes the trees reveal the passage of time in rephotography projects. A seedling evergreen in the circa 1950s photo becomes giant then topples in a storm before showing up as a stump half century later. The Hi-Way 8 in Ladysmith has survived severe storms for decades and the the influx of chain hotels and restaurants. The rates are still cash-only cheap (less than $45 with tax for a room with two beds for 2). The room we stayed in last summer featured a vintage pink tiled bathroom with shower plus a microwave and coffee maker for a handy early morning breakfast. Since the 1990s, we stayed there each time we traveled to Ladysmith to see dance performances at ChaliceStream one night watching the rain pound and the wind blow.

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